Is Chi Kung Better Than Western Medicine?

It’s a question I get every now and again. It seems that some people when they start learning Chi Kung become almost ‘evangelical’ about it. They become what I call extreme Chi Kung fans and anything that isn’t ‘alternative’ is identified as being bad.

This type of person is just as bad as the person who believes that only western medicine has the answer to mankinds illnesses and disease. They’re both just flip sides of the same coin.

So forget which is best.

A much better question to ask is which addresses the immediate needs best?

Chi Kung and Western Medicine

For example, let’s say that I am suffering from too much stress and am depressed, personally I’d prefer to practice Chi Kung exercises than take medication. But if I was suffering from some kind of bacterial attack, I’d be beating a path to western doctor. For a fuller explanation why see this post: Chi Kung Healing – Why it works

Sometimes I’m accused of being anti western medicine and this simply is not true. I like to have the best of both worlds. Western medicine is just one way of looking at health, there are others – equally valid. It’s just a shame that too many people believe that the western medical approach to health is the only approach.

In his book 21st Century Medicine, Dr Julian Kenyon writes:

The idea of biological energy is developed to a grater or lesser degree in different therapies, but probably finds its most sophistical expression in traditional Chinese medicine where the energy is termed chi…. It comes as something of a surprise to realise that conventional medicine is the only medical system ever known to man which has no concept of biological energy.

I believe that today, at this moment in time, we are very lucky to be able to benefit from many different approaches to health, vitality, happiness and well being.

I remember watching a documentary on Tui na (Chinese therapeutic massage) in China and was amazed to see that western medicine techniques were being side by side with TCM techniques. There certainly didn’t seem to be any: ‘Our model of medicine is better than your model of medicine…” going on.

Just lots of people benefiting from both.

I’ve always been a fan of having my cake and eating it, embracing the best of TCM and Western medicine, is in my opinion the best way to proceed. We are so lucky to have access to so many healing traditions. Work out what best serves your immediate needs and go for it.

Bye for now


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