Chi Kung – The 5000 Year Old New Kid

If you check google alerts for news on Chi Kung and Qigong, you’ll have noticed recently that there’s been quite a bit of media interest in Chi Kung. They seem to be saying that Chi Kung is going to be the next exercise trend.

Having had a keen interest in Chi Kung and practicing it for over a decade, I have to say I’ve seen this before. I’ll confess that 11 years after starting my serious practice of Chi Kung, it is still not as well known and as widely practiced as Tai Chi, Yoga or even Reiki. Especially when you consider that:

Chi Kung is easier to learn than Tai Chi
Chi Kung is less strenuous than Yoga
Chi Kung requires virtually zero athleticism
Chi Kung doesn’t require any expensive equipment

And it’s all true. I remember joking with my teacher, Chi Kung is the ‘Martini’ of the energy exercise world – “anytime, any place, any where…” remember that advert?

Here’s a quote from a recent Press Release:

“devotes believe this 5, 000 year old energy cultivation system is poised to become the new kid on the block…”

Chi Kung - The New Kid on The Block

New Kid? Where’s this ‘kid’ been hanging out for the last 5, 000 years? Planet Zog?

Personally I think there is one major problem with Chi Kung, and it’s not that there’s a lack of lycra. It’s that Chi Kung is a process and not an event.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

Chi Kung is the process, while abundant energy, radiant health is the event. People want the event, but they’re not really interested in going through the process. It’s much easier to take a pill, or abuse caffeine.

The Chi Kung process takes time, it takes discipline, it takes 15 or 30 minutes e-v-e-r-y single day. It’s getting up earlier, it’s staying up later than you have to. It’s resisting the urge to miss practice and watch TV instead.

We have been programmed to love ‘events’, but not the processes behind them.

Here’s a quote from a book I’m reading at the moment called ‘The Millionaire Fast Lane’ by MJ DeMarco

“When a 20-year-old sells his Internet company for $30 million dollars, you read about it on a tech blog. The event is lauded and showcased for all to admire. Sidelined is the process – you didn’t hear about the long hours of coding the founder had to endure. You don’t hear about the cold dark days working in the garage. You don’t hear about how the company was founded on credit cards at 21.99% interest. You don’t hear about the founder and his rusty P.O.S. Toyota with 174, 000 miles.”

It’s the same with the footballer who makes big news for landing a gazillion dollar contract, the event (the money) is all over the newspapers, but the footballers process, of late nights, of sacrifice, of repetition is ignored.

The bottom line, whether you want to make a million dollars, be a best selling author, a world class cook, or succeed with Chi Kung is this – if you’re not prepared to go through the process, you’ll never get to experience the events.

Here’s a snippet from a post made at Qigong365

“We live in a society of instant gratification, instant meals, instant information, instant on demand TV, instant money – it’s everywhere we look. No wonder so many of us start practicing Qigong looking for instant solutions to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems.”

And yet isn’t it curious that ‘process’ type films like Rocky – his struggle, the trials, his determination to get to the top – are so popular? Maybe watching 90 minutes of someone else going through the process confuses us into thinking that we can also attain great success in a short time? I don’t know. But it does seem to me that successful people in ANY endeavour are not put off by process – or paying the price for the event.

If you’re not allergic to ‘process’, if you’re prepared to put in the necessary time and commitment required then I encourage you to step up and practice Chi Kung.

I believe the process is a tiny price to pay in return for the events Chi Kung has to offer you. But always remember, ‘Qigong is no 30 day miracle cure’.

I really do look forward to some major ‘A-list’ celebrity crediting Chi Kung with their abundance of energy, healthy glow and zest for life. My office is on standby and ready to deal with the tidal wave of new students. It’s long over due in my opinion.

Kindest regards


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